Every adult in the Scout Group is a volunteer, giving their time to make a positive difference to the lives of young people; but also because they enjoy it! 
Volunteering for Scouting is easier than you think, there is a role for everyone in scouting and you can decide how much or little time you wish to give and how you spend that time, it could be an evening a week or one weekend a year.
As well as roles working directly with young people there are also support roles which are equally important, such as:
  • Supporting or managing other volunteers.
  • Providing specialist support, such as in fundraising, training or media relations
  • Managing events.
  • Looking after the administrative side of Scouting, such as a Secretary or Treasurer.

Previous Scouting experience is not necessary. With full support and training, you can experience the fun, friendship and adventure of Scouting for yourself, all on a flexible basis.